About us

Bare Essentials and Roots Lyfestyle is a Upland, CA based wellness company specializing in cold pressed juices, wellness tonics and maintaining a healthy lyfestyle.  Our mission is inspiring others to be healthy in body and strong spirit.  One fundamental rule we believe in is "When you feel good, you look good".  We encourage that vibe and strive for our products to be part of the reason you move a lot more confidently, smile a lot more often and invest in your health.

Hello! My name is Michelin Smith, owner of Bare Essentials and Roots Lyfestyle. I’m from the Inland Empire and I have two sons, both in sports. I have an MBA from the University of LaVerne and started juicing when my younger son started having severe digestive issues and joint pain. It was difficult for him to get out of bed and would miss school and sports activities frequently. After repeated doctors and specialists visits, spending a lot of money and physical therapy, no one was able to tell us what was wrong. “Maybe he’ll grow out of it”, they said. In the process of all this he also tested positive for autoimmune. 

After doing some research on natural remedies I began creating skin topicals, wellness shots, smoothies and juice, because what kid doesn’t love juice, and whaola it was working. Not only did these natural recipes of raw fruits and vegetables, herbs and roots help tremendously but my son loved the taste. He had so much more energy, it was exciting and a relief to us all.

Once the pandemic hit in 2020 the media portrayed the Covid-19 virus was more prone to people of color and low income families due to lack of access to healthier food options and other economic disparities. At that point I decided to help change that narrative by sharing my knowledge and experience with my community.